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Tax & Accounting Services

Taxes and accounting — that’s all Hugh does. Not bookkeeping, not QuickBooks consulting, just taxes and accounting. He stays focused on his areas of expertise and produce real money-saving results for his clients.

Income Tax Preparation (Individual & Business)

Hugh handles every tax return from start to finish with his signature deep-dive approach. He once saved a single client over $2 million dollars in missed deductions and credits. His rule of thumb? He’s not satisfied until he’s discovered every possible angle for maximum savings.

Tax Planning

If you're not engaging in tax planning, you're writing Uncle Sam a bonus check for at least $5,000 every year (and probably more).

In his 35 years as a CPA, Hugh has saved clients millions of dollars in taxes and helped them solve tough financial issues to speed up growth and increase profits. Last year, he figured out how to reduce one client’s taxes by $80,000 a year, permanently.

Tax & Accounting Services by Type


  • Complete tax preparation service for individuals, including multi-state, tax planning, and IRS representation.


  • Tax preparation, K-1 distributions, tax planning, tax elections (as needed), and IRS representation.


  • Tax preparation and pre-filing planning, including taxable entity selection for tax filing purposes (Partnership, S Corp, C Corp), overall tax planning, and IRS representation.


  • Tax preparation, officer compensation planning, K-1 distributions, tax planning (in conjunction with shareholder planning), and IRS representation.


  • Tax preparation, officer compensation planning, dividend considerations, tax planning, and IRS representation.


  • Living and irrevocable trusts, tax preparation and tax planning, assistance with inheritance and succession planning, asset protection, privacy-oriented trusts, and IRS representation.


  • Nonprofit formation and IRS acceptance letters, tax preparation, tax planning, and IRS representation.


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