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Trusted tax prep and accounting for Coachella Valley business owners.

This tax season, keep more of your money – for your pocket and your business.  

The IRS cares about one thing: tax revenue. They don’t care about you or your plans for the future. You need an accountant in your corner who will use the IRS’s own rules to get you the biggest refund possible. Get your free tax quote and learn how you can save money this tax season.

Over the last 35 years, I’ve saved my clients millions in taxes. From finding over-payments and missed credits and deductions on your tax return to forward-thinking tax planning, I can help you save money and boost profits.

For instance, last tax season, I saved a client tens of thousands of dollars by helping them figure out how to invest their profits back into the business. Not only did they avoid paying excess taxes on that revenue, but they experienced other cascading benefits like stronger cash flow and better relationships with their vendors.


Don’t let your taxes leave you with pennies and pocket lint.

As a CPA, I can help you keep more of your money and have the know-how and experience to do it in ways other accountants overlook.

Bottom line: I work hard to make your money work harder.

Want to start keeping more money?

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